Typojanchi: International Typography Biennale

Typojanchi uniquely explores various intersections where the art of visible language meets other cultural areas — literature, city, music, film, politics and economy.

The fourth edition of Typojanchi was held under the theme of City and Typography, and named its identity C( )T( ).

C as in city. T for typography. C is the first consonant of the word city and T is the second, typography. The letters C( )T( ) can also be pronounced as the word ‘city’ without the silent I and Y. This relationship can allude to some of the existing anomalies already found in the urban environment. Buildings, structures, infrastructures form a foundation and the in-between or surrounding spaces often define the city. These ‘in-between spaces’ give a city its personality, character and life. Typojanchi 2015 seeks to invite those who might fill or celebrate these defining in-between spaces. If C and T can be considered an open platform, Typojanchi 2015 invites typography to play the role of symbol between physical signifier and the culturally signified.

“( ) implies something that is missing. Or something wished for. ( ) provides more and sometimes nothing at all. The idea of a city can be implied in C( )T( ). Perhaps it is something in the background, perhaps nothing left or even the notion that everything can be filled. Typojanchi 2015 reflects on cities through ( ). Diverse cities fill the indiscernible ( ) with both imagination and wit.
C( )T( ) will be C(         )T( ), C( )T(         ), or C(               )T(               ).”

Published by ahn graphics, Kim Ok-chyul, 2015
Edited by Park Hwalsung
Design by Lee Kyeongsoo, Jeon Yongwan
ISBN 9788970598376
Korean/English, full colour ills., hardcover with dustjacket

Weight 862 g
Dimensions 153 × 43 × 236 mm
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