Shut Up I’m Counting – A Film by Felix Salut


How on earth did Tara and Ohio end up in this strange world, consisting mainly of signs, symbols and fragments? They look for the sign X, which is supposed to lead them to the EXIT. Guided by an oracle that gives enigmatic directions and distracted by a point that keeps devising new obstacles, they wind up in comical situations. Tara, who wants to grasp this world through combinations, is annoyed by Ohio, who has a number tic. Shut Up Im Counting! is a well-thought-through artist book from a project that combines film, text and graphics. In the form of a film script with 32 scenes, Felix Salut plays with different ways of translating a film into a book. The script and stills are assembled from typographical symbols, transforming the fictional story on paper into a film one would love to see in full length.

Published by Spector Books, 2014
Edited by Felix Salut
Design by Felix Salut
ISBN 978-3-944669-67-0
160 pages, 76 b/w ills., softcover

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Dimensions 210 × 19 × 297 mm
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