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“Well… As I understand, in the midst of so many declarations of ‘the best book’ – these international contests – why not ask individuals what the best books are… Having a meaning that is different to the one of an international competition. A personal meaning.” – Matthew Stadler

Each year Werkplaats Typografie organises its “Best Books” selection, where every participant chooses a book according to a specific criteria. The criteria for the most recent selection derived from a discussion with Kobe Matthys from Agency, Belgium. The resulting publication collects conversations and meetings with and around books with Kees Beentjes, Katherina Bornefeld, Tamara Henderson, Harmen de Hoop, Oliver Ibsen, Colter Jacobsen, The Librarian at Arnhem’s Public Library, Henk Pel, Seth Siegelaub, Matthew Stadler, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, and Ashleigh Young.

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