Nell May: Afterthoughts


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In its initial form, Afterthoughts is a free, digitally distributed file of 190 pages in a format equivalent to a standard A4 paper sheet. In its potential form, Afterthoughts is a printed book.

Afterthoughts is a poetics of design.

Contained are reflective analyses of selected projects I have been involved in between 2007 and 2017. Methods of visual communication and different narrative tones are used to transmit the projects within a framework of Description, Circumstance, Process and Afterthoughts. The approach has been customised according to how best to relay chosen facets of each work.

The selected projects range from self-driven, collaborative, academic, client-based to contributive; an underlying commonality is that each project was produced in a relatively unrestricted and free environment. The projects themselves are not a ‘best of’ selection, rather they are vehicles to examine topics such as visual, conceptual and structural thinking; creative influences; production methods; documentation and failure.” – N.M. (Berlin, December 2018)


Published by Nell May, 2018
Text, concept, design: Nell May
Editor: Laura Preston
ISBN 978-0-473-46331-1
190 pages, digital file 


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