Neandertal Perfume


Neandertal Perfume is a limited edition conceptual perfume created by London-based Japanese artist Kentaro Yamada.

The project is inspired by the history of Neandertal, who mysteriously disappeared from the earth around 30,000 years ago following the arrival of humans. Neandertals lived in Europe for over 400,000 years, 10 times longer than us.

They are often thought to be wild and animal-like beings, but recent discoveries have revealed their highly intelligent life and sophistication. Neandertals painted geometric shapes on cave walls, used musical instruments and spoke their own language.

Modern humans also share up to 4% of Neandertal DNA due to interbreeding that took place when we lived alongside them for around 10,000 years. The artist points out that there were two sophisticated creatures coexisting in this period, providing an alternative view to human-centric perspective on our cultural constructs; such as philosophy, religion, and art.

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Weight 304 g
Dimensions 167 × 63 × 136 mm
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