distracted-reader #3: Louise Menzies, Allan Smith


distracted-reader #3: Time to Think Like a Mountain
By Louise Menzies with Allan Smith

Combining magazine fragments, archival images, interviews, collages and newly commissioned texts, Time to Think Like a Mountain documents New Zealand-based artist Louise Menzies’ distracted meanderings through one of the largest collections of underground and self-published material in the United States. Drawing directly on content from the Alternative Press Collection at the University of Connecticut, where she was artist in residence during 2014, this third issue of distracted-reader continues Menzies’ attention to the printed world of the historical fringe.

Contributors Pat Arnott, Dan Arps, Elle Loui August, Jon Bywater, Amy Howden-Chapman, Tessa Laird, Barry Rosenberg, Allan Smith, Graham Stinnett, and George Watson provide contemporary responses to aspects of North American counterculture and its echoes in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Published by split/fountain, 2018
Publication design by Narrow Gauge
ISSN 2350-3165
128 pages, full colour, softcover

Weight 485 g
Dimensions 210 × 10 × 280 mm
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