The Art Hotel

This publication contains a selection of poems by Wystan Curnow, and records a reading event by Curnow at split/fountain in Auckland in 2012 as part of Bare walls, empty room; a six-exhibition series by architect Dino Chai. For the third installment Chai made an architectural intervention with stacked bricks and sweeps of silver foil to resemble neither hotel lobby nor gallery reception, but perhaps evoking their shared, defining emptiness and constructed neutrality. He created installation as the stage for two evening readings by Curnow. The poems in this small publication are wonderful and also humorous; Matisse Asleep tells the story of the artist suffering from insomnia, and Red Heat discusses China’s exploding contemporary art scene, and a 42-story art hotel in Kowloon filled with more than 1,500 different pieces of art.

Sold Out

Published by split/fountain, 2014
Authored by Wystan Curnow, Dino Chai
Design by Narrow Gauge
ISBN 978-0-473-31024-0
27 pages, softcover