Published on the occasion of the exhibition S/F at The Physics Room with Xin Cheng, Michael Parr and Blaine Western (2013), Work-book brings together diverse responses to the idea of temporary structures with the specific intent of promoting critical research and experimental forays between the fields of art, design and architecture. The publication includes a manual for constructing makeshift furniture, several essays and visual contributions that focus on what it means to operate in either the transitional city of Christchurch, the aftermath of the natural disasters in Japan, or the implications and qualities inherent to a temporary form. Work-book embraces transitional and temporary methodologies and speculates on the latent possibilities that may exist in opportunistic, collaborative, short-term initiatives.

Contributors: Barnaby Bennett, Bekah Carran, Xin Cheng, Eleanor Cooper, James Dann, Matthew Galloway, Jack Hadley, Jessica Halliday, Toshiaki Koga, Melanie Keung, Asumi Mizuo, Johnny Moore, James Oram, Michael Parr, Bruce Russell, Lieko Shiga, split/fountain, Ella Sutherland, Zina Swanson, Bob van der Wal, Tim Veiling, Sebastian Warne and Blaine Western.

Published by split/fountain, The Physics Room, Ilam Press, 2013
Edited by Matthew Galloway, Melanie Oliver, Layla Tweedie-Cullen, Luke Wood
Design by Layla Tweedie-Cullen with Henry Babbage
Edition of 250
ISBN 978-0-9864594-4-3
80 pages, colour ill., spiral bound with softcover

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